McDonald Murrmann: Celebrating Women for 25 Years

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Susan Murrmann, MD

: Independent OB/GYN practice reflects on what makes it work

A little over 25 years ago, I proposed an idea to Dr. Mary McDonald that we should leave the comfort of our 8 person OB/GYN group and start our own only female physician practice ...just the two of us. It was a tough concept to sell but Dr. McDonald took

the leap of faith and we started McDonald Murrmann Women's Clinic. When we informed the group of our decision to leave, we were immediately banished to an unventilated small closet in the back of the office and shared exam rooms with cardboard boxes of our patient files and a small cadre of loyal staff until our new office was complete.

In the beginning, our loyal staff and "teenage children" of our staff helped with filing, moving supplies, answering phones, and scheduling of patients. A security officer that we met in the elevator of our new office helped us move in to the new space. She became a patient, and we delivered her three children. She eventually worked for us and now her children do as well. We have come full circle in relationships, community, and healthcare, we have evolved 360 in every aspect.

Now 25 years later, four office spaces, and several changes in partners, Dr. McDonald and I are still together along with partner Dr. Heather Donato who joined our team 17 years ago. Supported by our loyal staff, physician assistant, and nurse practitioners, we

have learned that bigger is not necessarily is about quality and individualized care. Obstetrics and Gynecology has been our passion and continues to be our commitment to help all women through the stages of their lives.

In 2003, we added aesthetic services to our practice realizing that women who liked the way they looked, felt better, and were more motivated to take care of their health. Hormone imbalance and bio-identical hormone replacement was and still is a large aspect of our practice for the same reason. Our goal was to improve women as they age. It is all about quality of life, and quality of life does not end at middle age. Empowering women (and now their significant others) and their quality of life is our goal. Proactive

Health, instead of retroactive medicine, is the key to longevity and a healthy life. We added advanced testing and treatments for nutrition, hormones, sexual dysfunction, healthy lifestyles, genetic testing, medical grade supplements and IV therapy to our menu of services along with personalized obstetrics.

We have helped to give back to our community by supporting many local charities including the Race for the Cure, The American Cancer Society, the Methodist Cancer Luncheon and the Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis. Early on we realized the importance of detecting and preventing heart disease in women and were the first group to pair with The American Heart Association and support their events.

We have grown and evolved our practice over the years starting with the same initial concept of women taking care of women to include more aspects of women's health and wellness because women and gynecology are more than just pelvic exams. Health

is more than just a body part; it is coordinated care and listening. We became McDonald Murrmann Center for Wellness and Health 360.

Susan Murrmann, MD, is the Chief Medical Officer of McDonald Murrmann Center for Wellness and Health, and she is the Medical Director of McDonald Murrmann Center for Aesthetics and Laser. Visit or email

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