Grand Opening of New CareMax Memphis Locations with Community Partners

May 11, 2022 at 03:59 pm by pjeter

CareMax, Inc., a leading provider of value-based care to seniors, announced the opening of two new CareMax-affiliated facilities in Memphis. These two are the first CareMax locations to open in Tennessee as a part of the company’s strategy to expand its footprint and enter new markets nationwide. The new facilities will be located at 3175 Lenox Park Dr, Ste 100, Memphis, TN and 1407 Union Ave, Suite 305, Memphis, TN, with medical care provided by CareMax-affiliated provider Medical Care of Tennessee, PLLC. 

Since 2011, CareMax has employed a “Whole Person Health” approach that takes into consideration all facets of a patient’s health, by providing comprehensive, community-based care in one convenient location. From in-house specialists to wellness activities to transportation and social services, this care is designed to treat the entirety of the patient, not just their individual medical conditions. When operating at full capacity, both the Lenox and Union locations will provide primary, specialty and virtual care, transportation to and from appointments, optometry, acupuncture/massage therapy, social services, healthy meals, and wellness activities.    

CareMax is partnering with several local organizations to address the need for senior-focused value-based care in urban settings. Our goal is to help support existing efforts by community leaders and organizations while introducing our model of care that we have found to be successful in other markets. CareMax is a member of The Professional Network on Aging and is working with the Tennessee Aging Commission to expand its reach in serving seniors by networking with others who serve todays and tomorrow’s seniors. Lastly, CareMax is developing close relationships with faith-based organizations, inclusive of several Tennessee Jurisdictions within the Church of God In Christ, Inc. 

The CareMax model has proven to be highly successful in Florida, where it currently operates 48 centers serving 83,000 patients. When compared with fee-for-service (FFS) models, per 1,000 patients, CareMax has seen a 52 percent improvement in hospital admissions and a 66 percent improvement in emergency room visits. In addition, the team of physicians affiliated with CareMax will have a patient roster of just 600, compared to the normal primary care provider roster of more than 1,500 patients. This will allow physicians to spend much more time with their patients. 

Moreover, the CareMax model inherently makes CareMax centers part of the communities they serve. Initiatives are designed to provide additional resources to patients, families and communities, such as outdoor food drives and celebrations, work alongside larger, company-wide pursuits. Team members are mostly hired from the local community, as studies have shown that culturally sensitive, hyper-localized care produces better health outcomes.   


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