New Clinic & Medical Facility Designs in the Works for Memphis!

May 06, 2024 at 02:55 am by pjeter

                                                                                                                                      Special thanks and photo credit to Greg Campbell

It starts just over the Hernando DeSoto Bridge with St. Jude.

St. Jude

St. Jude’s two new tower construction projects started as part of their 2022-27 Strategic Plan which began in July, 2021. It may possibly be the largest project dollar-wise in Memphis history.

                                                                                                      St. Jude campus upon completion

The plan commits $12.9 billion, which will support 2300 new jobs among other priorities. The plan includes two 15 story towers dedicated to patient care and clinical research and will cost more than $1 billion out of the plan. According to Dr. James Downing, president and CEO, “The heart of the plan - accelerating progress globally - remains the same. This expansion ensures employees have ample resources and bandwidth to achieve that important goal.” The plan includes investments in fundamental science initiatives across the fields of structural biology, advanced microscopy and data sciences. These efforts are directed at better defining normal biology and disease states. With this data, researchers will gain valuable insights into why diseases arise, spread or resist. Richard C. Shadyac, Jr., president and CEO of ALSAC, thanks the 12 million donors who support St. Jude. “Their incredible generosity is fueling research and care that will impact more children worldwide for generations to come.”


Campbell Clinic

                                                                Campbell Clinic Collierville location is scheduled to open at the end of the year

Campbell Clinic is working on a new location at Poplar and Bailey Station in Collierville. They used their existing clinic at 7887 Wolf River in Germantown as the inspiration for this new location – a design that includes larger waiting rooms, ‘on stage/off stage’ clinical areas, state of the art imaging equipment, and an expanded Physical Therapy gym, which will include an outdoor component similar to the Accel Performance and Wellness located on the 1st floor of the 7887 Wolf River location. Keeping the look and feel of the new clinic consistent with their existing Wolf River location, allows their patients to enter any of their locations and know they are in a Campbell Orthopaedics Clinic. They use soft blues and grays and neutrals, calming artwork, soft music, lots of windows, comfortable seating and easy access to restrooms. The new location will have its own parking lot and a convenient patient drop off and pick up. It is scheduled to open by the end of this year.


Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation

 BMG Humphrey's Family Practice and River City Pediatrics                                              BMG group waiting room

Baptist Memorial Health Care Corp. repurposed its former administration building at 1717 West Massey Road and it is now occupied by two different BMG practices - Humphrey’s Family Practice Group and River City Pediatrics. There will also be an on-site pharmacy in the building that will open in May. Humphrey’s Family Practice opened on February 12, with 17 exam rooms offering a walk-in clinic and after-hours acute care for illness and injury. They have f ive providers on staff with a sixth starting in August, 2024. River City Pediatrics opened on February 26, with five providers. They have 14 exam rooms and are open all day Monday - Friday and on Saturday until noon.



                                                                                                                                  OrthoSouth Exterior

Much thought and consideration went into the new OrthoSouth location at 2100 Exeter in Germantown. The building was formerly Baptist Rehabilitation Hospital which is now located on Germantown Parkway. OrthoSouth remodeled it and opened it to their patients in March of 2021. The entire space was designed with patient convenience and comfort in mind:

• Plenty of natural light in the public spaces to offer a peaceful and cheery environment.

• Furniture specifically chosen in heights and shapes that would offer more comfort for patients experiencing a range of orthopedic conditions, yet without the sterile clinical feel that you find with most medical office furniture.

• A low shelf on the front desk and computer monitors in wells to enable reception staff to greet patients without having to look around a computer monitor.

• Curved designs weaved throughout the clinic to promote a peaceful and healing experience.

                                                                                                                                                              OrthoSouth Waiting Room

The colors include natural shades of blue, gray, and brown to contribute to the peaceful and calming atmosphere. The patient waiting areas were designed to offer plenty of natural light and an assortment of seating styles to accommodate a wide range of bodies and injuries – from benches to armchairs to bar stools and sofas. There is a refreshment station, a laptop area with charging ports, and easy access to restrooms. In consideration of the fact that many of OrthoSouth’s patients have mobility challenges, a covered entry way provides a great area for dropoff. They have helpful attendants who greet patients and have wheelchairs available for anyone who needs them. They moved all employee parking to the parking garage on the opposite end of the building, which freed up plenty of space for patients or their drivers to park as close to the OrthoSouth entry way as possible.


Zenith Vascular & Fibroid Center

                                                   Zenith Vascular & Fibroid Center's new state-of-the-art facility

Zenith Vascular & Fibroid Center has recently relocated its headquarters to a new, state-of-the-art facility. Effective May 6, 2024, they will operate from the new location at 5645 Murray Ave, Memphis, conveniently situated near the intersection of I-240 and Poplar Ave., providing enhanced capabilities and expanded services to better serve patients. The new 10,000-square-foot facility represents a significant milestone in Zenith Vascular & Fibroid Center’s commitment to innovation and excellence in vascular and fibroid care. Equipped with advanced medical technologies and designed with patient comfort in mind, the facility will enable the center to continue delivering the highest quality care while accommodating the growing needs of its patients. Zenith’s original concept has always been high quality care in a spa-like atmosphere. They continued that with the new location. The original branding was established by Farmhouse Marketing and a soothing blue color was used as the dominant color along with a clean white. Dr. Phil Zeni and his staff feel patients respond best to medical care in a clean relaxed atmosphere.  In both the current location and new location, they do not have waiting areas. They have reception. The idea was to make it more like a hotel lobby with comfortable couches, high ceilings and even chandeliers, where patients are quickly greeted and taken back either to procedure areas or clinic. Being a vascular clinic means seeing a number of patients who have undergone amputation and are of limited mobility. The new location was originally constructed in 1979 and had very poor handicap access. Our priority was to modernize all the doors with push button handicap access and widening of all interior doors. In the second phase of our project, we will continue into the parking lot by making smooth transitions from patient drop-off and discharge allowing minimal barriers to handicap access. Weatherproof canopies for rainy days have also been added.