Memphis Medical Foundation and Memphis Medical Society Expand Thrive Confidential Wellbeing Hotline

Nov 01, 2021 at 05:15 pm by admin

A year after launching the physician wellness program, Thrive, Memphis Medical Foundation and Memphis Medical Society expand the eligible physicians to include those training as a current medical resident in Shelby County.

Research again and again cites physician burnout as a serious health concern. In some studies, as many as 63% of physicians say they have felt significant burnout symptoms. These statistics were reported before the COVID-19 pandemic, and we know the crisis has only increased the immeasurable stress on physicians and healthcare professionals.

September 17th is National Physician Suicide Awareness Day. There is no better time to expand these mental health opportunities to residents.

Burnout not only can harm the physician, but also his or her patients. The residual effects on our healthcare system are immeasurable. We also know that threats to a physician's professional and social lives can be impacted due to hesitation in seeking care. This stands very true for residents who are just beginning their practicing career.

Thrive addresses these concerns proactively by providing a confidential hotline (901-286-3110) that practicing physicians and now residents can call or text to request an appointment with a licensed psychologist. The Memphis Medical Foundation will cover the costs of up to six sessions with this psychologist. A physician or resident can simply call or text 901-286-3110 to request an appointment. He or she can also fill out the form at A psychologist will be in touch immediately. Memphis Medical Foundation works with the psychologist to pay the costs of the first six appointments. After that, the physician can continue the relationship with the psychologist at their own cost. All initial information collected for the appointment is confidential.

If you are interested in donating to Thrive to help cover physicians' appointments, please click here.

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