The Brave New World of Alzheimer’s Disease

Jun 24, 2024 at 04:23 pm by pjeter

  New drugs are here and why sex matters   By JAMES DOWD   The prescription drug donanemab, aimed at treating early-stage Alzheimer’s Disease, earned.... Read More

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia: What Healthcare Practitioners Need to Know

Jun 24, 2024 at 04:16 pm by pjeter

  By JULIE BRIGHTWELL, JD, RN   According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s disease, the most common cause of dementia, accounts for 60.... Read More

Gynecological Oncologist Michael Ulm Discusses Exciting New Drugs for Cancer

May 06, 2024 at 01:29 am by pjeter

Antibody-drug conjugates FDA-approved for patients with ovary and cervical cancers can improve outcomes.   By BECKY GILLETTE Michael Ulm, MD, a Gynecological Oncologis.... Read More

Stern Cardiovascular Foundation Director of Clinical Research Touts Research Trials for Best Clinical Care

Mar 17, 2024 at 10:40 pm by pjeter

  Clinical trials help reduce illnesses, hospitalizations and death   By BECKY GILLETTE   When your life or the life of a loved one is at stake due to diff.... Read More

Will the Doctor See You Now? The Health System’s Changing Landscape

Nov 02, 2023 at 06:22 pm by pjeter

  By JULIE APPLEBY, and MICHELLE ANDREWS, KFF Health News   Lucia Agajanian, a 25-year-old freelance film producer in Chicago, doesn’t have a specific prima.... Read More