Continuing Education for Medical Professionals

Nov 24, 2022 at 07:20 pm by pjeter




What do physicians (both PCPs & Specialists) need to know in general about ongoing education at UTHSC?

Education at UTHSC is focused on preparing practitioners to meet the contemporary challenges facing our patient population. Specifically, advances in the management of solid cancers and leukemias, management of the patient with long COVID, and staying up to date with latest clinical practice guidelines are the primary focus of CME education efforts at UTHSC. Additionally, UTHSC has a global health institute focused on expanding education and clinical efforts to empower all to participate in global health. 


How have you decided what programs to pursue in your career & how have they helped you?

I think about skill development and content knowledge gaps when I consider CEU programs. For skill development, I prioritize programs that help me do my job better as a clinician educator at the UTHSC. Some career development programs I participated in include SGIM TEACH and our Teaching Excellence institute at UTHSC. For content, I prioritize those things relevant to me as an outpatient general internist to include HTN, DM, and chronic heart/lung disease. 


What programs are most in demand now?

COVID-19 diagnosis and management are in high demand. Additionally, dedicated education on leveraging telehealth are important programs for practitioners now. 


Did the pandemic change the focus of CEUs in any way?

Greater flexibility in obtaining necessary CEUs and doing dedicated CEUs on COVID-19, Monkeypox, and vaccinations are important. 


Do you think there should be a higher number of units required per year considering the rapidly changing landscape?

I do not believe we should increase the number of units required. We should prioritize letting practitioners choose the CEU that best support their practice.


Any other comments or information you'd like to share with Memphis physicians?

Please be on the lookout for the upcoming educational opportunities through UTHSC. 

Christopher Jackson, MD, is Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Senior Associate Program Director for Curriculum, UTHSC IM Residency; Associate Professor of Medicine, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center; Board Member, Memphis Medical Society; General Internist, Regional One Health; Primary Care Physician, Christ Community Health.


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